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Perfecta frying ranges and deep frying systems

Are you looking for a commercial frying range or deep frying system? Perfecta is the perfect choice. We offer top quality as well as full customization on your frying range. Do you wish to incorporate additional features such as lighting, a bain-marie, a gas cooker or a sauce dispenser? We can incorporate any of these into the frying range wherever you’d like, so that you will be able to use your commercial deep frying system or professional oven exactly the way you want.

Deep frying systems to suit anyone’s tastes

Of course we offer various deep frying systems and frying ranges. Replace your current commercial deep frying equipment with the Perfecta Retro, the Perfecta Perfectime, or perhaps the Perfecta Concorde! Have a look at our wide range of Perfecta deep frying systems for cafeterias, restaurants and other businesses in the food industry. Due to our extensive experience, our sales advisors will be able to give you excellent information regarding the endless (customisation) options.

A customised commercial frying range

All of our deep fryers can be used professionally. They are highly durable and have state-of-the-art features. Our frying ranges are easy to use, making sure that you’ll be able to serve the most delicious fries and snacks.

Perfecta: for both small- and large-scale solutions in the food industry

Are you looking to start a cafeteria or snack bar? And are you curious to find out more about our deep frying systems and the convenient solutions we can seamlessly integrate for you? Perfecta is the perfect partner for both small- and large-scale food industry businesses. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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    Facts and figures

    • 94% rate of return
    • The world’s fastest-frying tank
    • Maximum capacity
    • EIA tax deduction
    • Minimal CO2 emissions
    • Fully automated oil filtration system
  • Drie modellen om uit te kiezen

    Three models to choose from

    • Perfecta Retro
    • Perfecta Concorde
    • Perfecta Perfectime

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