Potato Project, Portugal

At Perfecta, it’s all about transforming the everyday into the extraordinary. The approach to frying ranges is seen no differently here; they are the canvas on which culinary art comes to life. Just as the Potato Project takes the simple potato to the next level, Perfecta’s frying range plays a crucial role in kitchen magic. Both in carefully selecting potatoes and importing the best ingredients from the Netherlands, quality is key.


Perfecta’s fryers offer industry-leading efficiency and prepare more food with less energy, resulting in lower costs and faster cooking times. These fryers are easy to maintain and repair, with a simple cleaning procedure that ensures a safe and hygienic kitchen environment. With durability as a core value, Perfecta’s baking walls are robust and environmentally friendly, perfectly suited to the demands of the modern kitchen.


Fresh chips, a worldwide favourite, are now easier than ever to prepare thanks to Perfecta fryers. These state-of-the-art fryers combine advanced technology with ease of use to deliver those perfectly golden fries every time. With Perfecta’s frying ranges, you are guaranteed a constant temperature, fast heating time and efficient oil management thanks to automatic oil filtration, leading to impeccably fried fries.

The fresh chips are fried in the Perfecta frying ranges specially designed round pans. In these, the chips can move around freely, making it easy to then scoop them out of the pan and place them in the chipshelf. A paragon of efficiency and speed!


The chipshelf, an integral part of the Perfecta frying ranges, is a paragon of Dutch finesse and craftsmanship. After pre-frying, this chipshelf plays a crucial role within the frying range by offering the fries an essential resting period. This resting phase is crucial for the ultimate quality and texture of the chips. In this chipshelf, the chips are given the chance to distribute heat evenly and drain excess oil, ensuring crispy on the outside and a soft on the inside. After this resting phase, the chips can effortlessly return to the frying range for the final frying process, guaranteeing the preparation of the perfect fries, exactly as intended.


The extraction above the pans of Perfecta frying ranges ensures a pleasant and healthy working environment. This feature captures oil vapours and prevents their dispersion in the room, contributing to better air quality. This system, a feature of Perfecta frying ranges, enhances the frying pleasure and experience for both employees and customers.


At the touch of a button, the Perfecta frying ranges automatic oil filtration system can be activated. Thanks to a specially designed supply and drain pipe, old and new oil never come into contact with each other, so fresh oil actually stays fresh. It is possible to preset what to do with the oil. Whether it is to pump away the oil fully automatically or to direct it to a snack pan after filtering, the Perfecta frying range make it possible. Moreover, the automatic oil filtration system of the Perfecta frying ranges guarantees extremely safe operation.


Turning a potato into a crispy golden fries is truly an art form. This journey starts with the daily delivery of fresh potatoes straight from the field. After meticulous inspection and manual cutting processes, the fries undergo a careful blanching process to achieve the perfect balance of texture and flavour. The end result? Fries that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, full of authentic potato flavour.

Like its dedication to making the perfect fries, Perfecta is known for its top-quality frying ranges. Find out more about this passion and how it takes the art of frying to a new level.