Bake my Day, Dubai, UAE

Discover Perfecta’s leading electric fryers, perfectly suited for a restaurant/lunchroom with fastfood corner in vibrant Dubai. Our fryers offer unparalleled efficiency, allowing you to fry more food with less energy, resulting in lower costs and faster frying times. They are easy to maintain and provide a safe, hygienic kitchen environment. Sustainability is at the heart of Perfecta, and our robust, eco-friendly fryer units are perfectly tailored to meet the demands of modern kitchens.


Perfecta’s fryer units offer unmatched efficiency, enabling you to prepare more food with less energy, resulting in reduced costs and shorter frying times. These fryer installations are easy to maintain and repair, with a straightforward cleaning process that ensures a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.


Preparing fresh fries, a global favorite, is now easier than ever thanks to Perfecta’s fryer units. These advanced fryer units combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendliness, delivering perfect golden-brown fries time and time again. With Perfecta’s fryer units, you can count on a consistent temperature, quick heating times, and efficient oil management through automatic oil filtration, resulting in perfectly cooked fries.

The fresh fries are prepared in specially designed round pans on Perfecta’s fryer units. In these pans, the fries can move freely, making it easy to scoop them out and place them in the collecting bin. This is a prime example of efficiency and speed!


A new Dutch-Belgian food concept located at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). With a terrace overlooking the Dubai Eye, a Bohemian interior, and a diverse menu, we offer the ultimate culinary experience. We have a Dutch bakery on one side and a Belgian snack corner on the other. In addition to our main menu, we always enjoy adding new cultural dishes. Bake My Day is delighted to open its doors in a warm country and share a taste of Dutch and Belgian culture. It’s the perfect fusion of two cultures passionate about high-quality food!