Cartofisserie, Romania

Cartofisserie is the leading Chips chain in Romania, known for its freshness, quality and unbeatable taste. They deploy Perfecta fryers to deliver delicious fries, with shopsacross Romania. Their commitment to delivering high-quality, freshly fried fries has earned them a strong reputation in the fast food industry. The chain continues to grow and expand, without losing its commitment to perfection and quality. Cartofisserie is synonymous with a unique, unforgettable frying experience.


Perfecta’s fryers offer industry-leading efficiency, cooking more food with less energy, resulting in lower costs and faster cooking times. They are easy to maintain and repair, with simple cleaning to keep your kitchen safe and hygienic. Built with durability in mind, our fryers are robust and eco-friendly, designed to meet the demands of modern kitchens.


Fresh fries, loved all over the world, perfectly fresh fries frying is now easier than ever thanks to the Perfecta fryer. This innovative fryer combines advanced technology with user-friendliness to deliver the ideal, golden fries every time. With Perfecta, you get a constant temperature, fast heating time and efficient oil change through automatic oil filtration, resulting in impeccably fried fries.

These fresh fries are fried in Perfecta’s round pans. In these pans, the fries can move freely and can easily be scooped out of the pan on to the chipshelf. Super efficient and fast!


The chipshelf, a characteristic element of all Perfecta fryers, reflects Dutch finesse and craftsmanship. After pre-frying, this chipshelf plays a crucial role in the frying process by giving the fries a rest period. This resting period is vital for the quality and texture of the fries. In this digester, the fries are given time to distribute heat evenly and drain excess oil, resulting crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. After this important resting phase, the fries can easily be transferred into the pan for the final frying process. This allows you to prepare the perfect fries, exactly as they should be.


The low extraction above the pan of our fryers keeps your working environment pleasant and healthy. It captures oil vapours and prevents dispersion in your business, improving air quality. One of many Perfecta features, this system optimises frying pleasure for both employees and customers.


The automatic oil filtration system can be operated at the push of a button. Because there is a special supply and drain pipe, old and new oil never come into contact. This keeps new oil really new. What happens to the oil can be set in advance. If the oil has to be pumped out to the oildrum, this can also be done fully automatically. It is also possible to pump from the chipspan to the the snack pan after filtering. In addition, automatic filtering of the oil is extremely safe.


At Cartofisserie, hospitality is paramount and every visitor is treated as a valued guest. At work here are dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do, happily preparing and sharing the many fresh and hot potatoes prepared with care and skill. Their freshness reflects the authenticity of their values and food. While they do not send people to Mars, cure incurable diseases or build atomic submarines, they do prepare the best fries. They take the beloved qualities of the potato – freshness, friendliness, simplicity, sincerity, and creativity – and reflect them in their service. The carefully selected and prepared potato is considered a wonderful food.