Commercial fryer in a food truck in UAE

Frying in a food truck in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents specific challenges such as effective extraction, hygienic cleaning, and efficient layout. Perfecta’s commercial fryers for food trucks, adapted to the local conditions in the UAE, are specially designed to meet all these needs. Each installation is custom-made to perfectly fit each food truck in the dynamic and diverse environment of the UAE. A successful food truck in Dubai is KBJ Fries (or check out their Instagram).


Perfecta’s electric fryers are ideal for the energy-conscious and fast service essential in the UAE. They offer leading efficiency, preparing more food with less energy, resulting in lower operational costs and faster cooking times. They are easy to maintain and repair, with simple cleaning to keep your kitchen in the food truck safe and hygienic. Built with durability in mind, our fryers are robust and eco-friendly, designed to meet the demands of the modern, fast-paced kitchens in the UAE.


Perfecta’s commercial fryer installation, a hit in the UAE, makes frying perfect fresh fries easier than ever. These installations, with their round frying pans, are ideal for efficiently frying and serving fries in the busy food truck environment of the UAE. The constant temperature, rapid heating, and efficient oil change through automatic oil filtering result in impeccably fried fries, highly valued in the taste-oriented culture of the UAE.

Chip shelf IN THE commercial fryer

The chip shelf, an essential part of Perfecta’s commercial fryers, is crucial for the frying process, especially in the UAE where quality and taste are paramount. After pre-frying, the collecting tray gives the fries a resting period, essential for achieving the perfect texture – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. This aligns with the high standards of the culinary scene in the UAE.


The edge extraction, a feature of our commercial frying installations, is particularly relevant in the UAE where maintaining a pleasant working environment is crucial. This extraction effectively captures oil vapors, improving air quality and keeping the working environment healthy and comfortable.


Our advanced oil filter installation, tailored to the needs in the UAE, makes oil management extremely simple and efficient. With the push of a button, you can automatically filter the oil, where a special supply and discharge line ensures that old and new oil never come into contact. This is essential in the UAE, where food quality and safety are of utmost importance. You can preset what happens to the filtered oil, whether it needs to be pumped away or transferred to a snack frying pan, with the highest safety standards.

Perfecta’s Advantages Summarized for the UAE Market:

  • Local service that aligns with the specific needs and expectations in the UAE.
  • Custom-made commercial fryer installation that fits the unique demands of food trucks in this region.
  • Automatic oil filtering for efficient and safe use, tailored to local kitchen practices.
  • Built-in extraction essential for maintaining a healthy working environment in the often hot and busy food truck setting.
  • Fully seamless design that is not only aesthetically appealing but also practical in maintenance.
  • Chip shelf that optimally utilize space, crucial in the compact spaces of food trucks in the UAE.
  • High efficiency of 97% in electric use, contributing to sustainability and cost savings, an important consideration in the energy-conscious UAE.

These adaptations ensure that Perfecta’s commercial fryers not only meet the requirements of food truck owners in the UAE but also contribute to a pleasant and efficient working environment, while delivering the highest quality fries.

Each installation is custom-made to perfectly fit each food truck.