Information sessions (Development sessions)

Perfecta Information sessions (Development sessions)

Various sessions starting on 14 March

Entrepreneurs who set themselves apart from their competition are at a huge advantage; these types of entrepreneurs were able to continue to grow even during the recent economically lean years.

Are you interested in finding out how they were able to do achieve this? We will be holding three thematic sessions dealing with the three most prominent development opportunities.

Along with trend and food watcher Ubel Zuiderveld, Rocco Ladage, Hans Hus, Firma Schaap, the FSIN (the Dutch Food Service Institute) and Rene Savelberg, we will be creating inspiring and educational sessions.

Real-world examples, practical and easy to apply to your situation. You’ll come too, right?


Home delivery


Monday 14 March Theme: Home delivery

Starts at 11:00am, finishes at 2:30pm.

Ubel Zuiderveld (expert on fast service, food blogger, trend watcher) has researched the home delivery market in collaboration with the FoodService Institute. By incorporating practical assignments and real-world examples, he will be describing what the market used to be like, what it’s like now, and what it will be like in the future regarding home delivery. The real question for you as an entrepreneur isn’t whether you’ll decide to offer home delivery, but when you will be making the switch.

Hans Hus, the owner of Kwalitaria Parade in Nootdorp, shares his tale of success. Hus was always sceptical about home delivery. He was already satisfied with his normal turnover; however, he began offering home delivery after his son kept pushing for it. The result? A large increase in revenue.

A test set-up has been prepared at QBTEC with delivery bags, etc. We will be preparing and tasting food ourselves in order to discover how the products hold up after various amounts of time have passed.


The pros and cons of fresh french fries


Monday 4 April Theme: The pros and cons of fresh french fries
Starts at 11:00am, finishes at 2:30pm.

Moniek Wisse (Schaap Holland) will be giving a presentation about fresh french fries with Ubel Zuiderveld, going into provenance, choice of potato type, preparation methods, types of pre-cooking and final baking, potential pitfalls and common misconceptions. Via an interview, questionnaire and various polarising statements for discussion, the audience will be stimulated to participate.

Bennie Tiemessen, entrepreneur, has switched from chilled product to fresh french fries and has seen a significant increase in revenue. He is very pleased and explains how he was able to incorporate the process of producing fresh french fries into his business via a short video filmed in his shop.

Rocco Ladage will be telling us about the Ladage vision. Where was Ladage first founded, what are their strengths, and what is their vision for the future? Near the end of the session, Rocco, Moniek and the other entrepreneurs that are present will come together and cook up some fresh french fries, from start to finish: learn the tricks of the trade and enjoy great, authentically homemade fries at the end.


Hamburgers, to the next level


Monday 18 April Theme: Hamburgers, to the next level;

The FSIN has researched the Dutch hamburger market, and Ubel Zuiderveld has once again distilled this research into a fascinating story, interweaving practical tips with statistics and fun suggestions. We’ll start off with a theoretical section about the hamburger, its origins and the shift it has undergone in recent years, ways to scale it up and ways to benefit from doing so. In between, we’ll see some practical examples from various franchises (burgermeester, burgerfabriek, burgertrut, burgerexpres, Pickles burgers & wines, Ingeburgerd, The burger bar, etc.) as well as examples of how various cafeterias serve their hamburgers and a comparison of their prices.

Rene Savelberg (former manager of the Dutch branch of McDonald’s) will be discussing McDonald’s development philosophy: not in a pedantic way, but with practical examples of how McDonald’s ideas have been able to ensure its top position in the market for years. A talk comprising a brief slice of the past, present, and future, regarding mindset, processes and approach, tailor-made for deep frying entrepreneurs.

We’ve enlisted Burgerfabriek entrepreneur Tommie to come share his story: how he came up and developed with his hugely successful hamburger concept and who his main inspirations were, the choices he’s made, and any great tips he might have.

We’ll be cooking a wide variety of hamburgers together on our well-known Adieu griddle: hamburgers of all shapes, sizes, cooking methods, compositions, etc.

Would you like to attend one of these sessions? There’s only a limited number of spots available for each, so please don’t wait too long to apply.

Attendance is free, but application is required. Apply by sending an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Be sure to include your contact information and the theme (or multiple themes) for which you wish to apply.

We will contact you afterwards to supply you with all of the necessary details.