Horeca Expo at Flanders Expo in Gent, Belgium

Horeca Expo at Flanders Expo in Gent, Belgium

Sunday 20 November through Thursday 24 November 2016

The Horeca Expo is the annual meeting place of over 50,000 food industry professionals and over 620 companies. The Expo highlights the top level of each part of the industry with its top-quality, innovative and original total package.

At Horeca Expo, the trade fair halls are divided up into different zones in order to optimise the personal contact between your business and the food industry professionals. Various amazing events and competitions, strong partnerships, household names and lots of interest from the media together make for a very unique experience. For example, the Expo features various amazing demonstrations and seminars, such as the presentation of the Belgium-Luxembourg Michelin guide and the Culinary Individual of the Year.

The food industry trade fair that you don’t want to miss!

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