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Are you starting a cafeteria or snack bar?

Our sales advisers will simply translate your turnover target into a suitable solution. What is your budget, and how much square metres of space are available? They’ll take into account even the most minute details; nothing is left to chance. Rest assured that you will be able to start your new cafeteria or snack bar without a hitch. We are proud to say that our customers are always satisfied after doing business with us.

Perfecta fryers for perfect cooking results

Perfecta was founded in 1942 and is Europe’s oldest deep fryer brand. Of course, the Perfecta deep fryer has undergone many changes throughout the years. Our commercial fryers have become nicer to look at, more powerful and more energy-efficient. They are also easy to clean and fully customisable.

But some things never change

Perfecta deep fryers are durable, last a long time, can handle large quantities of food without a hitch and use relatively little gas, oil or grease. In short, a Perfecta deep fryer is not just any deep fryer; it is the best deep fryer out there for cooking perfectly crispy food, and you’ll be able to taste the difference.

A large part of the production process involves authentic steel processing, a truly unique craft. We also make use of robots to increase our efficiency. We use welding robots to apply up to 590 steel ribs on the outside of each Perfecta tank, which essentially turns them into a type of heat-storing battery. Because of this, our tanks are able to heat oil or grease gradually, which increases the tanks’ sustainability.

Perfect cooking using a Perfecta deep fryer

Our aim is to produce products that increase your profitability: reliable, durable, sustainable and fast deep frying solutions that meet all of your needs. Together with our sales advisors, you’ll design a deep fryer that suits you and your business perfectly. Our sales advisers have many years’ worth of experience which they’d be happy to share with you to create the best possible deep frying solution together.

Would you like to receive a quotation or simply discuss the many options? Please do not hesitate to contact us.